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A Bit About Me


I love to read, write, create artwork (obviously), spend time with family, go horseback riding, gardening, and going to historical places to soak up history!

I am 95% self taught in the programs I use to create 3D objects, textures and my other  artwork. 

~ Residential Design

Husband taught me on ACAD in 2000, attended The Art Institute Online for courses in Residential Design in 2004.

~ 3D Modeling

I began making items for IMVU as far back as 2006. Mostly re-texturing items in the market. In 2012 DayBreak Games (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) kicked off their "Player Studio" program. I jumped in with both feet, learning how to create objects / manipulate UV maps in Maya, and create high res / LoD texture maps in PhotoShop. There are over 270 items created that have been placed in the market places between EQ / EQ2, with the majority in EQ!

~ Graphic Art ~

Around 2010 I started to create Web Banners for guilds in EverQuest, along with Forum Signatures. 

~ Custom UIs ~

I've been playing EverQuest since 2006. and in 2008 stumbles on a site that offered custom UIs for the game. Seeing many that I thought looked nice, but none that totally fit what I wanted, I then started deconstructing UI pieces and rebuilding them into what I was after. 

I currently have 9 UI pieces that I have created listed at (under IcessEQ / IceSy)

~ Character Art ~

Back in 2014 I fell in love with the fan art / character art I was seeing posted for EverQuest by fellow players and artists! I was able to chat with a few, whom I greatly admired their artistic talent, and was encouraged to try my hand at it.

It's been a learning curve to get all the elements perfect for each scene I've created,.... but one I greatly enjoy! I continue to expand my knowledge & skills  in this art style, learning the latest techniques available. 

~ Custom Skins & Shaders ~

With doing character scenes, I have recently started creating my own skins & shaders to implement into my 3D Artwork. I look forward to being able to get these ready for the DAZ marketplace soon!

~ Character Sculpting ~

Nothing is better than sculpting a character model to look exactly how you envision it in your mind's eye. I have a lot to learn, but it's been a fun (also frustrating) experience so far! I am working to polish my skills enough so that I can have them available in the DAZ Marketplace. 

~ 3D Printing

The world of fantasy art brought to a new life! The ability to create a character and make it a real object is amazing! 

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